A Day in the Life of a Speaker

Sometimes you just gotta roll with the flow. Traveling can be pretty interesting, which makes for great stories.

A couple weeks ago I traveled to Atlanta. My day started by arriving at airport security and having the TSA loudly tell me to put my tablet back in my bag because "it's not a laptop."

Well no freakin' duh Mr. TSA Dude! If y'all would be consistent with how you do what you do I would have never taken it out in the first place. Humph!

Me being my sassy and sometimes feisty self, I said something smart. (If you really know me, you know I have that capability). Well, apparently, I earned his respect after that...he was real nice to me...lol

So after that, I grabbed a SBX (for all you fancy coffee drinking novices, that's short for Starbucks), while walking to the gate I received a text from my daughter that she needed to talk to me. In the meantime, I found out my flight is cancelled.

Are you tracking with me, so far?

- Mr. TSA Dude got snippy with me

- I got snippy with Mr. TSA Dude

- He respected my sass

- I got my usual tall white chocolate mocha extra hot with whip

- Read text from daughter

- Flight was cancelled

While waiting in line to get the skinny on rebooking my flight, I called my daughter. She updated me on something she is dealing with, we chatted. I hung up.

It was time for me to rebook my flight. I was cordial and understanding because it is NEVER appropriate to trip on the people trying to help you rebook a cancelled flight. They will make you wait until the next day...lol

So, I successfully rebooked my flight and received a travel voucher for the inconvenience.

Boom! Just like that!

Meanwhile, my phone rings. It's the chair of a board that I am on. We had our first the night before my flight. She was with one of the other board members who gets on the phone and proceeds to tell me that she had no idea that the Cheryl that was on the phone for the board meeting call was "THE Cheryl Pullins." (that always cracks me up because it happens, a lot).

We laugh it up for a minute but then this happens.

She proceeds to share with me that she was on my "Create Your Own Economy" training call a while back. This amazing and brilliant woman begins to tell me how that one call changed her life and the life of her children.

She shared with me the things she had done as a result of hearing the training. I was sitting in the airport with tears in my eyes as I listened to this incredible woman talk about the impact I had on her life and how she and her children are creating their own economy.

So in a matter of one hour...I went from being this sassy back talkin' you think I'm a ditzy inexperienced traveler, to having to be there for my daughter when she needed me, to having to deal with a cancelled flight to getting a travel voucher to listening to a woman I have never seen before tell me how one of my trainings totally shifted her life.

Whoa! How is that for a trip to the airport?

Why am I telling this story?

Often times people only share the fabulous side of being a speaker, coach and entrepreneur. You see all the glossy photo shoots and slick video promos. You may be secretly wishing you had the following, the likes and the shares. You might be hoping and praying that you can live like they live, but let me tell you something honey...dream living ain't easy.

There is so much about dream living that is challenging, tough and just down right ugly. There are times you feel totally dissed. There are moments when disrespect can run at an all time high. There are times when you have to be totally flexible yet maintain your cool. There are times you have to smile when you really wanna say some not so nice words.

Dream livin' ain't easy, but living on purpose is a beautiful thing.

Dream livin' ain't easy, but at the end of the day, there's nothing like the feeling you get when a woman tells you that you gave them a solution that changed their life.

Dream livin' ain't easy, but it's all worth it when you can end your day knowing that in spite of everything...you've impacted someone's life in the best way.

Dream livin' ain't easy, and life ain't perfect...but along my journey of purpose, I'll take my travel voucher now!

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