The Soul of an Iconic Brand

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Traveling the U.S. and abroad to share my mission and expertise through speaking is the most fulfilling part of my freedom as a woman entrepreneur.

One of those incredible times provided me with the opportunity to speak on the stage of David Sharpe's Legendary Marketer conference. Whenever I speak participants get a glimpse into the soul of my brand. This time was no different.

Most times when I'm invited to speak it's around the topic of personal branding. One of my pillars for creating an iconic personal brand is vibe which is displayed through personality.

This particular time, I asked the audience to describe me using one word. There was a lady sitting front and center who was the first one to shout, "sassy!" She was immediately echoed by a few other attendees.

The fascinating thing about this is that this audience was meeting me for the first time, and within minutes they nailed one of my personality traits - sassy.

Since I was a kid, I can remember having a sassy way about me.

When I was about 12 years old, I ran an errand for my mother to deliver a package to one of her friends in the neighborhood. I can't remember all the details, but I do remember the woman asking me a question with lightning reaction I responded. I can't even recall what I said, but it was full of sass and most likely layered with sarcasm.

Since I've gotten older I've dropped much of the sarcasm, but the sass is still alive and in full effect.

When it comes to creating an iconic personal brand your vibe embodies the soul and essence of you. It's where your ideal client connect with both you and ultimately your business on an emotional level.

There is one place where your ideal client can feel your presence without you physically being there, and that is through your words. Words on your website, social media, blog and other platforms.

This can be done through written expression by using words that are considered on-brand and align with your brand's vibe and personality.

3 steps to creating a list of on-brand words

  1. Know thyself - This is my first rule of branding. You must gain clarity about who you are on a deep self-awareness level.

  2. Identify your personality traits, especially the quirky ones. It's your quirks that may set you apart in the market.

  3. Ask. This one can be pretty fun and provide you with tremendous feedback.

In the next blog post, you'll learn how I used one social media post to curate a list of 40 on-brand words I can use to authentically embody my brand vibe.

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